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Document Resource Management


Location Engine

e-ServiceSuite's support for RTLS is fundamental to our application location engine. Active identification tags provide accurate, scalable, and easily integrated location sensors across your enterprise. Location detail is determined by the tag and physical location sensors. Our cloud-based location engine receives location information and in-turn updates appropriate application location data seamlessly.

Our client interface is web browser-based  and may be viewed via a variety of supported mobile devices,

API interoperability integration to external systems with location information necessary for the completion of a variety process management tasks .

Monitor and track:

  • Assets
  • Inventory
  • People


Physical Access Control

In the following picture, who and what resources are RTLS  integrated?

AnswerAll resources including people and assets.


Document Resource Management

RFID Access control:  providing strong security authentication via "Smart Cards".  Physical asset control and tracking accomplished via affixed RFID tags.   From people to assets to physical inventories, all tracked, monitored and controlled through utilization and leverage of RFID technology. 

Performance:  secure low-maintenance service delivery provides centralized, enterprise-wide data collection and reporting.