eForms Mobility

Your business runs on standardized forms ...

True or not?  Have you considered migrating to an alternative eForm solution?

Paperless Data Collection?

Collecting, capturing, collating and storage of "standardized" paper forms is a gigantic task in your working environment.  Once the paper form is completed then it becomes locating and retrieval of the document as needed to support vital business processes.  All in all, completion of business paperwork tends to be a task despised by employees.  eZForm on a Smart Phone  Really not a big surprise.   So like it or not, business may still rely on paper forms for a variety of tasks but this is changing.

Case in point, you need to capture (in real-time) critical data while off-site.  While normally accomplished by filling out a paper form, it is the critical retrieval of paper based information that complicates immediate access to vital information.

To accomplish that task we offer a user-friendly solution that allows you to replicate any paper form, eForms may include attachments, pictures, signatures and etc., and once completed are added to your database and available for immediate on-line retrieval.  

The ability to replicate and create reusable custom eforms, is a game changer.     So what are the benefits of switching from paper forms to electronic eforms?

Form Replication

As part of our Enterprise Management Solution, we offer a software application that includes our eform builder providing real-time on-time data capture with after-the-fact data analysis that allows you to actually use collected data to make decisions.
The benefit of having current and historical data from incident reports, inspections and a host of other eform documents stored electronically in a searchable database makes it easy to generate reports on-demand.


Document Management System

Simply focusing on documentation processes, providing  ....

Real-time eZForm Mobility

Easy implementation, genuine user friendly interface, flexibility and easy retrieval of documents for compliance and auditing requirements.  Handle and disperse enterprise documents, create permission based access that defines organizational structure, link documents to specific logical workflow processes.

  • Integration - add, retrieve electronic documents
  • Capture - at the point of documentation requirement
  • Validation - provide for electronic signature for compliance completion
  • Indexing - unique qualification and classification of documents
  • Storage  - automated completion storage providing convenient resource lookup
  • Retrieval - linked documents and audit compliance verification as needed
  • Distribution - triggered notification of document step completion
  • Security - row-level form permission access
  • Workflow - self-contained workflow provides standardized "form" completion as part of logic processes
  • Collaboration - inherent advanced access allows for individual and "team" retrieval
  • Versioning - creation control processes automatically date,  time stamp, and store reference versioning
  • Searching - simplified look-up and document retrieval
  • Federation - multiple source search
  • Publishing - authoring, development and publishing offer pre-release accuracy review
  • Reproduction - standardized implementation offers development environment that includes form duplication and design modification





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