Dynamic Configurationn

e-ServiceSuite Asset Lifecycle  Asset Lifecycle

Data-driven and dynamically configurable, e-ServiceSuite's CMDB may contain any conceivable asset type including but not limited to standard IT Hardware and Software, may include facilities (buildings, furnace, A/C units, elevators, and any other infrastructure designation requiring lifecycle management or maintenance) and others such as telephony assets.

Manage Your Assets

All assets are stored and contained within our CMDB as individual configuration items (CI) making in easy to identify, track, locate, and analyze any physical asset.
Asset Management monitors usage measurements while feeding valuable performance metrics into our Availability Management application

Healthcare Asset Management

The functionality built into our Configuration Management Database (CMDB) is impressive.  All of the better ITSM solutions available in the marketplace today have or may include some sort of asset management system.  However, the importance of maintaining healthcare assets beyond simple hit-or-miss maintenance is without question paramount to patient safety.  We take our responsibility seriously and the importance of reducing patient risk is absolutely vital.  While there are certainly a myriad of other assets in a hospital environment, it is the need to maintain all assets at peak efficiency that drives our Healthcare CMDB to peak performance.


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