Dynamic Configuration

e-ServiceSuite Asset Lifecycle  

Data, Data, and more data.....

Data-driven and dynamically configurable, e-ServiceSuite's CMDB may contain any conceivable asset type.  DML Document Management
CI assets under management may include, but are not limited to,  standard IT Hardware and Software,  telephony assets,  physical facility assets such as an operating room (and linked operating room fixtures, lighting, etc.), building floors, rooms and dedicated spaces, furnace, A/C units, elevators, and any other infrastructure designation requiring lifecycle management or maintenance.


Relationship Management

Configuration items (CI's) may be linked by either an up-stream or a down-stream relationship designation. 
As an example a building may have floors. linked to rooms that has linked spaces (designated as perhaps an operating room). New CI's created from the CI Template inherit attributes, CI attributes are dynamically created during the creation of a CI template itself.  Reusable? Yes, creating and replicating "standardized" CI's is an easy straightforward process.   One of the features of this flexible design is the fact that CI's may have embedded mandatory scheduling for periodic or preventative maintenance.  All newly created CI's from a template inherit it's defined attributes. While the structure sounds confusing to anyone not familiar with the asset structure in place, worry not our  eVis application takes the abstract and turns the structure in an easy to understand visual diagram.  Such a model allows key owners the ability to play "what-if" modeling without wasting or investing resources.

Asset Visualization

Manage Your Assets

All assets are stored and contained within our CMDB as individual configuration items (CI) making in easy to identify, track, locate, and analyze any physical asset.
Asset Management monitors usage measurements while feeding valuable performance metrics into our Availability Management application

Healthcare Asset Management    Healthcare Asset Management

The functionality built into our Configuration Management Database (CMDB) is impressive.  All of the better ITSM solutions available in the marketplace today have or may include some sort of asset management system.  However, the importance of maintaining healthcare assets beyond simple hit-or-miss maintenance is without question paramount to patient safety.  We take our responsibility seriously and the importance of reducing patient risk is absolutely vital.  While there are certainly a myriad of other assets in a hospital environment, it is the need to maintain all assets at peak efficiency that drives our Healthcare CMDB to peak performance.

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