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Mobilized Information

Our experience in the Healthcare industry is unmatched.

  • Asset Management
  • Real-time Notification
  • Service Level Agreements
  • Inventory Management
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • CMDB Visualization

Critical Assets

A Configuration Management Database (CMDB) that is uniquely adapted to the healthcare industry.  Track, monitor and analyze all aspects of the hospital environment including traditional assets such as computers, software and wealth of inventory (consumable and non-consumable) as well as non-traditional assets such as physical buildings and internal facilities,   Easily identify and locate physical assets by bar codes, RFID tags and serial number.

 Patient Monitor

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Crash Cart Inspection

Preventative Maintenance

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Schedule preventative maintenance starting from asset acquisition to ultimate retirement.  Avoid unscheduled downtime of critical assets.  Standardize maintenance tasks by linking eform documents that offer step by step procedures that upon completion become documented evidence of the completion results of an inspection.

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Staff Mobility

Enable and provide on-the-go staff with access to mission critical information.  Link notification of events to mobile devices.  Provide connectivity to research, look up and administration of data driven tasks.  Offer …Hospital Staff Connectivity

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Service Excellence

The healthcare environment is unlike any other business requiring a comprehensive service management solution. Venders that attempt to “adapt” their solutions to this environment often fail to grasp the many intricacies of the interrelationships involved.   Our approach to providing a solution that uniquely adapts itself to your real-world working environment is relatively straight forward, first and foremost because our application is data-driven. Therefore, we can easily offer an OTB solution the meets your business requirements. Vendors that offer an easily adapted solution are less than truthful when they indicate that their solution can be easily implemented. Competing vendors that offer implementation that takes months and longer add additional pressure for acceptance. We provide implementation that is measured in days not months of longer.

  • Multi-tenant
  • Vendor Management
  • Mobility
  • Service desk
  • Change Controls
  • Portals
Service Management
Patient Safety

Patient Safety

One of the caveats of a service requirement is management of Patient Safety.  Part and parcel of Patient Safety is inspection and maintenance of service assets.

Value Proposition

We build value through increasing information management. To accomplish this we focus on sustaining business value by solving day-to-day challenges.

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Candidate Services

We can support virtually any and all aspects of the healthcare physical environment:

  • security
  • facilities
  • telephony

Workplace Solutions

Facility, Building, or Equipment maintenance is an on-going challenge for any company. Planning, executing and then tracking maintenance plans is essential for mission critical fixed assets.

Facilities Floorplan