Document Resource Management

Integrated Document Management

Highly integrated document management workflow allowing for "standardized linking" of developed e-form documents as part of individual service processes. 

We define our document management system as the integral control and organization of all documents within our Service Management Solution.


Document Resource Management

Document Management System

Simply focusing on documentation processes, providing  ....

Easy implementation, genuine user friendly interface, flexibility and easy retrieval for compliance and auditing requirements.  Handling documents, creation permission based access, organizational structure, linking documents to logical workflow processes.

  • Integration - add, retrieve electronic documents
  • Capture - at the point of documentation requirement
  • Validation - provide for electronic signature for compliance completion
  • Indexing - unique qualification and classification of documents
  • Storage  - automated completion storage providing convenient resource lookup
  • Retrieval - linked documents and audit compliance verification as needed
  • Distribution - triggered notification of document step completion
  • Security - row-level form permission access
  • Workflow - self-contained workflow provides standardized "form" completion as part of logic processes
  • Collaboration - inherent advanced access allows for individual and "team" retrieval
  • Versioning - creation control processes automatically date,  time stamp, and store reference versioning
  • Searching - simplified look-up and document retrieval
  • Federation - multiple source search
  • Publishing - authoring, development and publishing offer pre-release accuracy review
  • Reproduction - standardized implementation offers development environment that includes form duplication and design modification


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